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Robert Kelsey

Realtor  AGENT

I came to the Mendocino Coast with my family while still a teenager in 1970. I loved the surrounding beauty and opportunities to explore them. I've worked in construction for many years here in Mendocino. There is such a wide variety of homes on the Coast: there seems to be something for everybody! I'm happy to have the opportunity to join Big River Realty and look forward to helping you find whatever you might be looking for in real estate.


I could not imagine working with a nicer, or more responsive, real estate agent than Robert Kelsey of Big River Realty. I was interested in seeing and buying one to five acres of land, a small real estate purchase. Bob gave my project the same attention as he would have if it were a multi-million dollar home. I heartily recommend Big River Realty and Robert Kelsey. - NM